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Teeth Whitening

Here at Dental Partners, we are happy to offer teeth whitening services to the Albany area. A bright, white smile gives the impression of health, beauty, and youth to those around you. It is the easiest way to improve your appearance; the simple treatments can be done in office or in the comfort of your own home.

At our practice, teeth whitening is incredibly affordable. If there is one thing you can do to better your appearance and feel better about yourself, this is it. Who doesn’t want a brighter and more vibrant smile? In fact, teeth whitening is the most commonly requested cosmetic dentistry procedure in the country. Millions of people elect to whiten their teeth each year and we are the area experts at giving people the smile of their dreams.

Why do you need Teeth Whitening?

Discoloration of the teeth is a natural consequence of aging—quite simply, teeth will accumulate stains over the years. At first, this change is barely noticeable, but as stains build up, the difference becomes clear. The discoloration process may be more rapid for those who regularly consume certain products, such as:

  • Coffee or tea
  • Red wine
  • Dark colored fruit juices and sodas
  • Cigarettes or smokeless tobacco

Yellow and brown stains give you an unclean appearance, no matter how faithfully you brush or floss your teeth. It also makes you look older than your years, prematurely aging you. The majority of “whitening toothpastes” on the market do not actually contain any whitening agents that target deep, set-in stains. Instead, they simply remove surface stains, just as with a professional cleaning; they do nothing to address the stains which have penetrated the enamel.

Most of the discoloration of your teeth actually comes from inside the tooth. It is only possible to make a significant difference in the color by using a “bleaching” agent that is able to penetrate the surface of the tooth. Through the whitening procedure, we are able to give you the dazzling smile you desire, boosting your confidence and improving your life.

In Office Whitening

If you desire a bright, white smile in minimal time, in-office whitening is the best option for you. When you are treated in-office, you get same day results. This is the perfect option for those who do not want to wait weeks for results or who are seeking whiter teeth for a specific event.

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Sunbit offers patients a way to split their bill into monthly payments, up to 72 months!

Use of Innovative Technology

All procedures are furnished with state of the art equipment and maintained at the highest standards.

High Treatment Success Rates

Our treatments are performed by skilled dentists based on today’s standards of care, which promotes the best treatment outcomes.

Years of Dental Experience

With many years of dental experience, we are experts in all facets of dentistry. You will receive the best care available.